About Us

Raymond Nielsen founded Nielsen Engineering in 1975 and in 1984 Michael Baumert joined the firm to establish Nielsen-Baumert Engineering, Inc. The firm specializes in structural engineering analysis and design of commercial, educational, institutional and industrial facilities, in addition to civil and restoration projects.

Nielsen-Baumert Engineering, Inc. has built a reputation for providing quality services in a timely manner.  There are seven licensed professional engineers at Nielsen-Baumert Engineering, Inc. with extensive experience in design of structures for buildings. Our technicians are accomplished in both AUTOCAD and REVIT. We are committed to helping our clients meet their project goals and deadlines.

Nielsen-Baumert Engineering, Inc. has designed many architectural structures throughout the United States. These projects have been located in various geographic areas and designed with many different types of structural systems while using a variety of different building materials. Our experience with previous projects includes many different types of buildings, successfully meeting the needs of our commercial, industrial, governmental and residential clients.

Michael F. Baumert, P.E., S.E.

Michael F. Baumert, P.E., S.E. Years of Experience: 44

Company President

Mr. Baumert joined Nielsen Engineering in May of 1984 to form Nielsen-Baumert Engineering, Inc. Before that time, Mr. Baumert worked for 10 years at a large international architectural/engineering firm in the Omaha area. Mr. Baumert currently specializes in structural engineering design of commercial, educational, institutional, light industrial, civil/water/wastewater and structural restoration type projects. He is also very familair with the unique designs required by the cold storage industry as he has designed numerous freezer warehouses including Cash-Wa Distributing Company's 150,000 sqaure foot facility in Kearney, NE.

Rodney J. Determan, P.E.

Rodney J. Determan, P.E. Years of Experience: 33

Mr. Determan joined Nielsen-Baumert in 1999. Prior to that time, he worked in Florida, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska designing commercial, residential, industrial and civil structures. In addition to many low and medium rise buildings, Mr. Determan has designed dam outlet structures, theme park structures, heavy industrial structures and civil water structures. This diverse background gives Mr. Determan a good perspective for designing unique projects. In the last few years he has helped Becton Dickenson develop ongoing plant modifications to enhance their daily productivity.

Nelson R. Jacobs., P.E., S.E.

Nelson R. Jacobs., P.E., S.E. Years of Experience: 44

Mr. Jacobs joined Nielsen-Baumert in 1988, and subsequently became a principal in the firm. Prior to that time, he worked for 15 years for an international architectural/engineering firm. He has a wide variety of experience in structural engineering design of buildings. Mr. Jacobs has extensive experience in the design of concrete structures. Notable past concrete projects include Midtown Crossing, in Omaha, NE and the Level 3 Communications headquarters in Broomfield, CO.

Steven M. Nass. P.E., S.E.

Steven M. Nass. P.E., S.E. Years of Experience: 14

Mr. Nass joined Nielsen-Baumert Engineering in 2004. He has worked on several steel-framed construction projects including the Millard Refrigerated Services Headquarters and the Lockwood Development office building at the Sterling Ridge Development in Omaha, NE. Mr. Nass has also designed numerous wood structures including the University of Nebraska at Omaha Scott Court and the Capitol Rows project in downtown Omaha. He has also been involved with 3D computer structural modeling for the firm’s larger projects.

Timothy J. Sloup, P.E., S.E.

Timothy J. Sloup, P.E., S.E. Years of Experience: 28

Mr. Sloup joined Nielsen-Baumert Engineering in 2000. Prior to that time, he worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other architectural/engineering firms. Mr. Sloup has extensive knowledge in light-gauge metal framing designs. He recently completed the design for 'The 50/50', a unique 3-story, load-bearing, light-gauge steel apartment building atop a mutlistory parking garage on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln campus. Other notable projects he has completed include the C&A Industries building in Omaha, NE; Mammel Hall for the University of Nebraska-Omaha and the Bank of the West office buidings (formerly Commercial Federal Bank Headquarters) in Omaha, NE.

Mark A. Stillmock, P.E.

Mark A. Stillmock, P.E. Years of Experience: 36

Mr. Stillmock joined Nielsen-Baumert Engineering in 2000. Prior to that time, he worked for the U.S. Air Force and another international architectural/engineering firm. Mr. Stillmock has experience in many types of building materials and types. This experience helped him to devolop prototype retail stores for Cabela's which include concrete, masonry, steel, light-gauge steel, and heavy timber designs all within the same store. In addition to more typical designs Mr. Stillmock has designed projects as diverse as the retrofit of a guyed communications tower and the support for a B-52 static display. He also has past experience in project management and roof engineering. This experience gives Mr. Stillmock an excellent insight into how structural design interfaces with all disciplines.

Ryan S. Miller, E.I.T.

Ryan S. Miller, E.I.T. Years of Experience: 4

Mr. Miller joined Nielsen-Baumert Engineering in 2014. During this time, he has worked on the structural design, detailing and drafting of a variety of projects. These projects include commercial, residential and industrial structures. Projects that he has been involved with include the Lumber Yard District, a large wood-framed multi-use project in Omaha, NE, as well as a variety of projects for the Becton Dickenson production plants in Columbus and Holdrege, NE. Mr. Miller is also proficient with Revit and 3D building modeling.