Lincoln, NE
America First Properties
Holland Basham Architects
August 2014

The 50/50 Apartments

This large mixed use facility located adjacent to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln campus provides approximately 370 beds for student leasing. Designed structurally in partnership with Walker Parking Consultants, the main structure comprises a 7-level, cast-in-place concrete, post-tensioned garage with 3 levels of apartment units above constructed from load bearing, light-gauge steel framing. Around the main structure is a 4 level apartment structure on grade comprised of wood stud framing. In order to obtain an optimal column spacing layout for the parking below, the transfer deck (the top level of the garage) was designed and reinforced to take heavy wall loads from the load bearing structure above. Also considerable coordination was required between all disciplines to sleeve all plumbing and other penetrations in the transfer deck so an efficient apartment floor plan could be used.

Other facts:
• The upper housing is approximately 100,000 square feet
• The lower housing is approximately 39,000 square feet
• The garage contains approximately 1,600 parking stalls.